participants in Walking the dog's Theater's Parzival workshop in Taiwan.

At the Asia Waldorf Conference in Taiwan in April 2019, where Harry Huang and David Anderson facilitated a workshop on Parzival.

In response to requests from different places in Asia, WTD’s Drama and Inner Development work will launch six new courses in several cities this year, as well as new workshops and retreats around different themes, in addition to ongoing courses and programs in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan.

The Drama and Inner Development course has evolved into a 3-1/2 year program with seven modules. Each module focuses on different themes and articulates a new step in a process of inner development through the will, working with the elements of drama.

Participants in the Parzival workshop acting out a scene.

Parzival workshop participants performing at the Asia Waldorf Conference.

We have noticed a palpable hunger for self-development in the different places we have visited. The questions and seeking expressed have helped us to see more and more how the elements of drama can support people on their path while participating in the most social of arts, building a community of learning together.

We all experience aspects of ourselves that feel old or more fixed, as well as emerging parts of ourselves that want to grow, or are ripe for change, that reach toward the future. Drama can help to make these processes conscious and build an inner language for being more creative and present with these inner events and evolving processes.

Different courses attract people with different seeking, so each course adapts and evolves according to the life and questions of the participants. Some courses work more with actors, others with teachers, others with life coaches, others with psychologists. We will also offer a retreat for CEOs on the theme of Energy and Rest.

Take a look at our upcoming schedule and some photos taken along the way.

With warm wishes for an illuminating summer!

David Anderson and Yuanrong Liao Anderson